April 3, 2019


by: Robert


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Mobile Application UI Design: The Art of Minimalism


Minimalism: Simple. Elegant. Aesthetic.


Mobile application development can be an absolute hoot to be a part of, but of course, whoever is a part it would obviously want their mobile app to look good. Here are some thing you should look out for when designing your own mobile app.



Blur Effects

The blur effect is considered as a logical solution to the minimalist user interface. It allows you to play with the hierarchy and layers of the interface. This type of design also gives an amazing opportunity to explore various overlay and menu solutions.



Simple Color Scheme

Do you want your app’s color scheme to make a mark on every user? You don’t need striking, overwhelming colors. You need a simple color scheme that appears attractive for users. Simplified colors can improve user experience.



One Typeface, One App

Combining several font styles can make your mobile app appear sloppy and fragmented. By reducing the amount of fonts on your screen, you can reveal typography’s power and influence.



Data Spotlight

How can you emphasize your most important content? Utilize huge font sizes, and neutral colors to make some posts the center of the focus.



Divide by Spacing and Elements, Not Lines

Dividers and lines are often utilized to delineate specific categories and sections on the screen. When you add to much of these elements, the outcome can be crowded interfaces. With less dividers and lines, your interface can appear more functional, cleaner and modern.



Icons: Fill and Stroke

Are you familiar with iconography? It is a visual language utilized to represent content and functionality. Icons appear basic and simple, yet they can be easily recognized and understood.