How Will You Know if a Web Host is Good for You?

How Will You Know if a Web Host is Good for You?

A lot of people have been asking me how to know if their web hosting provider is good for them. Well, I happen to have chosen some of the top hosting companies before, so I do have experience with these things.

In today’s article, I will go over some of the things that I deem to be important factors to help you find out if your current provider is doing some good service for your website.

Customer Support

Even with the best intentions, a website can go down due to a lot of factors that are within your hosting provider’s grasp. For instance, their servers might go down due to a power or service interruption.

Perhaps, you’ve lost something on your website because it got hacked, can your service provider do something for you like, say, restore some backups?

These are important things to consider because every website out there is vulnerable. Your web host should be able to provide such things in order for you to say that your money is well spent.

Cost Savings

Most of the reliable service providers out there would allow you to get huge discounts if you subscribe to them on a yearly basis. Furthermore, good companies usually hand out refund policies.

You see, there are times that website owners find that their current provider cannot scale up with the success of their website. That and many other reasons could prompt them to leave the service.

That is why you need to get a hosting company that has refund policies that will allow you to move out without any penalties (or with penalties, albeit not too steep a price).

Also, a money back guarantee would also be a nice addition so that you can try out the service for yourself and if you do not like it, you can have your money back. Though, I do not consider this as a major consideration, given that most people stick to a certain company anyway (because it is hard to find a reliable one).

Service Migration

In the event that you’re going to go to another service provider, how seamless is their account migration? Will they allow you to get all of your files deleted from their servers for security purposes? Will they even assist you on your transfer?

I have a friend that disliked the service of one provider back in the day, but the good thing was the company was good enough to help him with the migration process since it was his first time doing so.

Although service and account migrations between two providers is rare, knowing if they provide you with a seamless transition is a huge plus.


Website security is now a type priority these days. I’ve seen even government websites getting defaced by a lot of hackers, how much more if you just run your own website?

That is where your hosting provider comes in. They must have robust security measures in place so that they will assure customers that they do not have to worry about security at all.

Robert Bradley