July 31, 2019


by: Robert


Categories: Web Hosting

How to Pick the Right Website Host

1.Identify all of your technical needs.

A top host in Malaysia would help you with all of your website ideas. Determine what it needs exactly to function well. It’s always better if you already have a list of all your basic needs. 

Take note of your website size, and then potential growth. Website hosts often charge various rates. It all depends on the traffic your website gets, and how much space the content takes up. Are you planning to expand your website and business? 

2.Learn more about the different kinds of website hosting.

Website hosting has many types. One of the most popular ones is shared hosting. Shared hosting is an amazing choice for personal websites, as well as bloggers whose pages are mostly-text based. This is also a popular option for online small businesses hosted on Etsy and Shopify. In this type of setup, your website would be hosted on a specific server that is also a host of other people’s websites. 

3.Compare all service features.

  • Check which tools are offered by the potential web host. Make sure that it has all the necessary services that can run your pages properly. Some of the useful features you can look into are FTP access, email support, analytics and blog integration options.
  • Look into the amount offered storage space. That is basically the amount of space in the hard drive that is allotted for your videos, images, databases, web pages and other kinds of data. Several companies offer “unlimited” space, though this is not important for simple websites.
  • Compare the amount of bandwidth. When we say bandwidth, it is the amount of data that is allowed to be transferred between your own website and that of your visitors.

4.Researching on the hosting company’s reputation and claims.

  • Check the speed of other websites hosted by that service. Keep in mind that speed can make or break your brand. 
  • Read the reviews about the hosting company’s support team and customer service. Look for unbiased reviews in order to a ensure that their services are consistent.