10 Quick Tips Fro Effective Mobile App Customer Support

10 Quick Tips Fro Effective Mobile App Customer Support
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Amazing customer service converts to satisfied, happy customers. If you are creating a mobile application design and development for your brand, you should also contemplate about in-app customer support.

By offering an accessible and instant help desk in your app, you can generate more positive reviews, increase your app ratings, and turn many users into happy, engaged and loyal customers.

Below are 10 tips on how to offer efficient customer support to your app users.



  • Resolve all the issues quickly to impress your customers.


When problems are resolved quickly and efficiently, more and more customers will write positive reviews. Remember that 71% of customers expect effective assistance in around 5 minutes. Having a help desk tool in the mobile app will make support a lot faster.


  • Don’t sound like a machine when assisting users.


When problems arise, users want to communicate with real people, not automatic replies. You should act in accordance to the culture of your users. Most importantly, act like a decent human being when helping them solve their issues.


  • Allow users to cancel their subscription.


Bad customer service news spread faster than positive service experiences. If they decide to leave the app, know the reason why they are cancelling your services. Whatever that is, it will serve as valuable data for your analytics.


  • Let customers message you directly without leaving the mobile app.


Most consumers prefer online chat over other communication channels. Include a live chat, or any in-app messaging too. This will make communication more convenient.


  • Decrease the amount of support tickets by offering in-app native FAQs.


FAQs usually contain canned responses that efficiently answer the most common questions from users. They should be able to search this knowledge base easily. This offline help solution is crucial, since most users are not connected to the internet all the time.


  • Minimize waiting times for support tickets.


In order to decrease the amount of wait time for some issues, look for problems with similar themes. Use an efficient mobile customer service software with good search capabilities. This will even help you reply to users in bulk.


  • Prioritize some users by executing an automatic follow-up system.


An automatic follow-up system can help you prioritize some users and their problems. Plenty of consumers refuse to purchase from companies who leave their complaints unresolved. Automatic follow-up approaches are helpful in determining who to respond to first.


  • Keep up with users’ expectations by improving your customer service.


Several businesses with excellent customer service are already outperforming their competitors. If you want to compete on a whole new level, incorporate in-app customer support services. At this day and age, website forms, and emails are not efficient enough to satisfy users.


  • Equip your customer support staff with the most efficient tools available.


In order to deliver great customer service, you need to utilize modern and scalable software support. How can you manage all the existing and incoming tickets? Even the most hardworking team member needs to use helpful tools.


  • Integrate your customer service software within your mobile app.


Almost all consumers expect a good, consistent user experience. Personalize your mobile app with the necessary desk tools to match its overall look and feel. This is crucial to generate an amazing customer experience.

Robert Bradley